Waiting for Snowflakes

A & P are engaged August 21, 2007

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We had our lovely friends A and P over last night for pizza and games.  I noticed a shiny little bobble on P's left ring finger, but couldn't remember if she had it before or not.  When she started asking when G and I got engaged, then I knew something was up.  They got engaged on their trip to CO.  Yeah for them!!!!  They get to join the ranks of the old marrieds.  Seems like all our friends are finally hooking up.  Work is beyond monotonous, but I get to start choir and Sylvan again next week.  Wooohooo.  I get to be even more busy.  My handsome husband started school again today with a wild round of no lab, racquetball, and a cake class.  Good for him cause the rest of his classes suck!  I'm glad he works really hard.  I'm so proud. 

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