Waiting for Snowflakes

Our new pet….. October 2, 2007

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So I finally broke down and let G get a lizard.  We are now the proud parents of a Leopard Gecko.  Which I just found out can live up to 30 years if taken care of properly.  Great.  I must admit he's pretty cute.  He wags his tail before he eats a cricket.  Oh yes, I now have crickets living in my house also.  They, however, are not so cute.  We are trying to find a name for him but can't quite decide yet.  Being super clever, I suggested Spot, which was quickly shot down.  No matter what we call him, I will most likely always call him LEEEZZARD!!!  I yell this whenever I go in his room 'cause he is always hidding in his moss cave.  Boring pet.  The cats could care less about him, which I was suprised by.  They were amused by the crickets for a short time, but quickly gave up. 

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