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Ladon and my Balenciaga October 17, 2007

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Well, we finally decided to name the lizard Ladon.  Apparently he was the 100 headed dragon that protected Hera's golden apples which Hercules had to get on his quest.  We had a scare the other day.  I went to change Lad's water and noticed his screen was hard to get off.  Apparently one of our darling cats had tried to get through said screen.  Neither of them would own up to it.  We had planned on getting the industrial strength cover eventually, but I guess we were forced.  I sure am glad he has his hiding cave 'cause I would have freaked out had a lizard been running around wild in my apartment, or dead in some corner. 

Ok, so it turns out the Balenciaga I bought on Ebay isn't real. The seller didn't say it was, but I was maybe hoping she just didn't know what she had.  Unfortunately, she knew she just had a cute, gigantic leather bag.  So gigantic, that my 20 pound Hobbes fits in it nicely. 

Grandma and Grandpa Larson came to stay with us on the way back from visiting my parents.  It was really nice to have some company and all I had to do was feed them and give them a little coffee.  Aren't grandparents nice to have? 





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