Waiting for Snowflakes

October, the best month ever November 21, 2007

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So I am definitely someone who never wins anything.  Well, October was my month.  During the United Was raffle at work, I won Chanhassen Dinner Theater tickets.  WOOHOO!  So now we have a trip to go on for my birthday, which is on a Friday (how convenient) and I actually get a real birthday this year.  Yes, it's true, I will be 8 years old. 

Also, as I was running errands one Saturday, I became quite thirsty, so I stopped at Arby's.  Low and behold, on the side of the cup was a peel off for a free sub! 

And the best of all, my new purse.  Yes, another one.  Our local radio station does a pick your purse contest once a year.  Three times a day they call a name from a vip list you have to join.  I listened religiously 3 times a day for a month, then one day they called my name.  I swear she wasn't even done saying it when I dialed.  I am now the proud owner of a white Dooney and Bourke Annalisa leather Large Loc sac.  It is so beautiful. 

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