Waiting for Snowflakes

Yes please, a parade in my honor would be fabulous March 28, 2008

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So I wonder why some people can be an hour and half late for work and others think it's enduring, or  a whole department is constantly behind on their work, another department is always caught up, and the only department that gets "atta boys" is the one that just can't get their stuff together.  Woo hoo, you did your job, lets throw a parade!!  Well, I went to the gym finally and now feel I deserve a grand parade.  Though I think getting rid of this mid-twenties lazy weight will be all the parade I need.  And I totally used to bag on the wellness center at NDSU as an overpriced monstrosity, but I LOVE it.  TV on each cardio machine, 4 racquetball quarts (though they are see through so everyone can watch me fumble about)., and great spacious locker rooms.  I didn't even feel THAT intimidated next to the cute little 21 year old chicks.  I'll just think of them as motivation.  It is very amusing how young eveyone looks.  I'm sure I never looked that little.  Anyways, it felt great to be out and about working out, and I must keep it up. 

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