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I love North Dakota June 16, 2008

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Gabe and I just drove down to Nashville TN for his cousins wedding.  The drive was fine, except for the detours in IA for flooding and the fact that it was 17 hours.  (Good thing I like my husband!)  The first day there we went to the Nashville Zoo.  The zoo was great as it was very open and the animals were able to be very close to us.  However, it was about 85 degrees with a biazillion percent humidity!  I don't know if I have ever sweated so much in my life!  I don't handle heat well in the first place, having to previously leave two other zoos in my life due to heat stroke, and I was not prepared.  Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the air conditioned hotel room and hanging out by the pool.  I LOVE the cold. 

That night we hit downtown and ate at BB Kings, which was delicious and the live music was great.  Friday was spent at the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchberg, TN.  If you ever have a chance to get there, make sure you go to the bbq lunch on the hill.  We had lemonade and sweet tea, played shuffle board and horseshoes and had a wonderful meal with live music.  We're very glad we got there in time for the lunch, as it really made the day wonderful and very relaxing.  The distillery tour was interesting and we learned they get the barley for Jack from the Dakota's.  Yea us!  Friday night was spent at the rehersal dinner and hanging with family, which was very nice.  It was great to get to talk to Gabe's cousin as we haven't gotten to know each other very well.  The wedding on Saturday was lovely as was the reception.  By accident, we found a great state park that afternoon and went for a fun little hike.  I definately think that is the thing to find on vacation if you have extra time, very relaxing.  Later we went PF Changs for supper (YUMMO!) and called it a night to prepare for the long drive back.  We had to go through Nebraska because of the flooding in IA, but we know that route very well, so it was fine. 


I got through my first fathers day that I didn't have to buy a card.  It was hard and I'm glad it's over as the commercials were getting annoying.  Now i have to get through dad's b day and I'll be good till Christmas. 






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