Waiting for Snowflakes

And the project of the month is……….. August 2, 2008

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Diaper Cake!!!   That's right, I made a cake out of diapers and other baby goods.  It's totally cute and Mathew and Monica will be able to use most of it, except the ribbon, but I'm sure their cat will love the feathers!  I also finished one scrapbook and am almost done with another.  Now someone I know needs to have a boy as I have about 10 pages of a "neutral" book done.  It didn't look so neutral once I found out Monica and Liz were both having girls. 


I always imagined that I could totally be a budget concious parent, but the baby companies may not allow that.  There is just too much cute crap out there!!  I'm glad I don't have too many friends wanting me to throw baby showers right now because it's hard to stop the purchasing! 


I also attended my ten year high school reunion this Fourth of July.  It was really nice to see some friends who live far away and see how everyone has changed.  Here are some hot pictures of us girls. 


I'm sure you didn't want to read that paper.  

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