Waiting for Snowflakes

HOLY COW!!! September 29, 2008

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So it's been one month and 16 days of working out and my pants are finally getting too big on me!!  WOO HOO!!  Now I'm watching Amazing Race and want to get my mom in shape so we can join.  It's seems like yesterday that I helped throw Monica and Mathew a baby shower and now she is due in one week and 6 days.  Don't say two weeks, she doesn't want it to be longer than need be.  I told her after our dessert date today that the next time I see her, she'll have a baby.  How weird.  Gabe is now applying for jobs here and there.  Fingers crossed for the Twin cities area or Fergus Falls (they have lakes and cute, cheap houses.)  My mom and I had a great trip to Southern Minnesota to visit relatives last weekend.  We hit up our favorite thrift store, Unique Thrift Store, Ikea and some antique shops here and there.  My aunt Mary did our hair.  Mine if fabulous!!!  I bought some product, which I never use, and the root lifter makes all the difference.  I would definately recommend a trip to Q Nails in St. Peter MN.  On our way back to Fargo, we visited an antique store in Monticello which was very huge and had great things.  Poor Gabe should we move there. 

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