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And The Results Are In!!! October 17, 2008

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For the second year running, October is a fabulous month.  The annual United Way raffle was held this week at work and I won the two free Northwest Airline tickets.  Plus a bunch of Northwest merchandise.  How cool is that?!  I think we might try to take a trip to San Diego or possibly DC for Memorial Day.  Kayla and I also were measured today after 2 months of working hard.  Well, actually, I'm going to call it a month and a half as I don't feel like I pushed myself very hard the first couple of weeks.  I lost 1/2" in my waist, 2 1/2" in my hip, 1 3/4" in the thigh and she said my arm didn't change, but I have shirts that button around the bicep that I can now button and wasn't able to at the beginning of the foray.  I'm very proud of the work we are both putting in.  Gabe is currently starting to interview hardcore for jobs.  He had an interview here in Fargo, we go to Estherville IA next week and he will fly to Nebraska on November 10 for interviews with Nebraska Power District.  It's very exciting to think about where we will end up. 


Oh and Monica is currently 5 days overdue!  My poor friends. 

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