Waiting for Snowflakes

Ah, Babies…….and bike rides October 21, 2008

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Monica and Matthew finally welcomed little Kaitlyn Jane into the world on Saturday afternoon.  She is soooo completely cute, adorable and perfect.  She will definitely be the best looking baby on the hospital website.  We also went to go visit little Aaron Jurgen who is also completely adorable.  He wasn't the happiest camper due to some hard core gas, but the mad faces that babies make are just too adorable.  If you would have asked me 3 months ago if I wanted kids, I'd have said yes, immediately.  Now that I'm not bored anymore, I'm happy to visit my friends children.  I like the option of being lazy when ever I want and will cherish it for as long as I can.  Baby in my life number three, Paisley Jane, won't get a fabulous Nina snuggle till March, but I can't wait.  I'm sure she'll also be super cute. 

Kayla and I went for a lovely fall bike ride today.  Not the intense workout we would have gotten at Interval, but going to a class everyday gets old.  It's also nice to get out and enjoy the lovely fall afternoons before the snow falls. 

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