Waiting for Snowflakes

Our cute little house……. January 2, 2009

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Sure we are only renting, but it's going to be sooooo nice to not have people walking around above us.  And finding hair floofs from the cats will be much easier on the hardwood floors.  Elise helped us move the fish and Lad the lizard today.  Let's hope eveyone is still alive and kicking when the rest of the stuff gets moved tomorrow.  Let's also hope there isn't a pile of snow, since we already had issues getting the mini van in the driveway.  I have a feeling we'll be shoveling alot on Sunday.  The kitties are at the kennel.  I have to say I did get a little chocked up leaving them there, even though I worked there and know it's ok.  I was even the pet mommy that brought her kitty a toy.  Penny has to have her mousey!!!  Without further adou, here are the pictures. 

Front of House

Living room from front door 2
Living room from front door

Den - Front door to right
Den closet - on left side of den

Dining room view from living room
Dining room hutch

Kitchen 2

Bedroom 2.2
Bedroom 2 (closet)

Our room from door
Our room from window

Bathroom 2
Linen closet
Linen closet with laundry shoot view

Basement 2
Basement 3
Basement 4
Basement 5

























Ok so i don't know how to label the pics yet, but I'll just explain the groups of pictures.

  • The front of house and garage.
  • Living room from front door, two views.
  • Den from the living room and then from the den doors.
  • Dining room and Dining Room hutch.
  • Kitchen
  • Second bedroom/closet, since the closets are itty bitty.
  • Our bedroom.  It has more little and a touch more room.
  • Bathroom and linen closet with laundry shoot.
  • Basement.  Could be usable when we super clean it.

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