Waiting for Snowflakes

Silence is golden, golden……. January 6, 2009

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The cats arrived to the house with us and all our crap on Saturday.  For the next three days, Hobbes meowed constantly.  Not the, "Oh I'm a little disconcerted" meow, but the "OMG I'm in the car" meow.  I have also realized that he has seperation anxiety.  The second Gabe walked out the door Monday morning, Hobbes started wandering the house and meowing.  I'm sorry, yowling.  I'd walk downstairs and he would freak out.  He only seemed happy when being held and carried from room to room with me.  Not so easy to do as he is 22 pounds and I was trying to unpack.  Again I say, who needs babies when you have cats.  Finally today, the sadness was over.  Hobbes has literally slept all day.  I guess being anxious wears a person out.  Hmmmmm, maybe that's why I'm tired.  No job prospects and the boxes are almost unpacked.  Will I become a lady that lunches and volunteers?   "Oh,what do you do for a living"?  I volunteer doesn't sound like such a grand question.  I suppose I could say I stay home with the kids.  Even if they are four legged and furry.  I just won't tell anyone that. 

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