Waiting for Snowflakes

Ah the joys of being unemployed….. February 6, 2009

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1)  I can stay in my pj's till noon and who really cares.

2)  My motto is I'll get it done later.  Needless to say not a whole lot gets done.

3)  I clean more.  I actually scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees today.  Though it didn't do any good.

4)  I have all day to plan supper and go get ingrediants if I don't have them.  No more of this planning for the week crap.

5)  I can surf the internet to my hearts content.  Don't know what I surf, but I sure can waste time.

6)  I can randomly go to Fargo and play with Kayla.

7)  Laundry can be done slowly and not in a big rush on one day.

8)  I get to watch Charmed twice a day.  I should probably just buy it so I can watch it whenever.

9)  I could volunteer, but probably won't.

10)  You get to sit around all day and wait for the lady for U of M extension service to call and say they'd like to interview me for the most perfect job.

11)  All day snuggles from Penny.  Like right now. 




Ahhhhh, look at my snuggly babies!!!

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