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Unemployment is no longer a joy March 4, 2009

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I am BORED!!!!  I had a great interview for a job as a 4-H coordinator but then found out a week later that there is a hiring freeze.  Stupid deficite state!!  It was so perfect.  Now I'm down to the census, vanity and home depot.  Schools won't start putting out ads till at least April, so I have to find something till them.  Vanity actually wouldn't be awful as I think it would be great to start up a Lena K type store in Fergus.  There just isn't much for my age group here and I don't believe we should have to leave town to shop.  Plus, as an assistant manager at a teeny bopper store, I would love to have look books for each body type.  Those little girls need some help dressing!  It could be fun.  At least with all this time on my hands, I can workout whenever I want and not have to shove it in between work and making super.  Though the other day my darling husband suggested a cleaning schedule for "us".  Who is he kidding, he means me!!!  Oh well, I suppose I could clean a little more each day.  I guess dust has just never been a problem for me.  I am excited to go bowling tonight for my Bday with Jeremy and Rachel.  I am also going to visit the Fishers this weekend to drop of some cute clothes that no longer fit me (sigh) and get my hair did!

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