Waiting for Snowflakes

Phew, it’s been a while…. June 4, 2009

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So I haven't said a peep since March.  I suppose I figure not much happens in my world, but alot has transpired over the past few months.  My mom and I went to NY at the end of March.  We had such a good time and I can't wait to take Gabe there.  There is no way you can see everything in just a week!   I also got a job!!!  I am the Nutrition Educator for Wilking County.  AKA, I go to schools and teach kids (and some senior citizens) about making healthier food choices.  Man did this job make me start to read labels.  If its not whole grain, I don't want it in my house!  I'm making an effort anyways.  I have also realized that I have 4 months to lose 2 sizes.  It probably wont happen, but I will give it a valient effort.  I do miss my work out partner Kayla though.  It's SOOOOO hard to get to the gym or even take a walk all by your lonesome.  Joined the sisterhood of the shrinking pants so I can have some online support.  I like to be accountable to someone.  But not my husband, he just gives me disparaging looks if I don't get to the gym.  We also met with the mortgage man this week.  Wow, we are finally starting the house hunting process.  Of course I have a list of 23 that meet our requirement to go look at.  I'm good at shopping 🙂

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