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Ouch!! June 5, 2009

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So I've been teaching some 4-H classes about the food pyramid this week.  Our focus was on the exercise portion. I decided I'd show the kids exercises they can do at home.  We stretched and then did some strength and cardio.  Pretty sure the planks and wall sits I showed them are KILLING me.  My abs hurt as do my quads.  Then I went to the gym today and had a pretty good work out.  Sprinted for a whole minute on my treadmill circuit.  WOOHOO!!  I printed off a bunch of workouts from Self and SHape and that got me thinking.  Do I really need to do all these crazy moves?  Couldn't I just do planks, pushups and other "basic" exercises and still lose the weight?  May have to pose this question to Team Silver.  I do feel better about having someone to be accountable to though.  Now I have to get to the gym and eat better (my biggest struggle).  Being a new nutrition educator has certainly prompted me to read labels and serving sizes better.  Still hard to make food when you own a picky husband.  I'm going to be brave and log all my numbers.  Why not have it out there to see my progress.  I have nothing to hide. I ate too much, was too lazy and got too big and out of shape.  Now I can let the world see me get smaller.  Might help the motivation a bit too.  I will only re-measure at the end of the challenge.  Well, off to clean the house.  That should burn about a hundred calories right?  Ah, if only…..



Hip – 45.5"

Chest ( with sports bra) -  38" 

Right Bicep -  12.25" 

Left Bicep -  12.25" 

Right Thigh -  27" 

Left Thigh -  27"

Waist – 34" at smallest point 

(Good to know I'm even on both sides)

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