Waiting for Snowflakes

Thank you sisterhood June 9, 2009

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What a hard core challenge.  Jump roping pretty much makes me want to cry.  I DIE after about a minute.  But I'll do it.  Cause I'm fat and don't want to be anymore.  Hopefully they have a jump rope at the gym so I don't have to buy one.  The house hunt is on so I must save all the money I can.  HAHA.  Just laughed cause, well, it's me.  I am a non-saver but must change my ways.  Off to the gym for some running, jump roping and legs today. I will be dead tomorrow.


UPDATE:  Rats, no jump rope.  Did sign up for a "new" member orientation though as I am SURE they have jump ropes, bosus and balance pods hiding somewhere.  Or I will request one.  Oh and lost weight.  WOOHOO

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