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Need nutritionist or magic pill, which ever is easiest. June 14, 2009

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So maybe my weight loss was fluke cause now I'm back up 1.6 pounds.  Maybe it's not a big deal but still frustrating.  I think my biggest issue is how much to eat.  Perhaps I need one of those divided plates.  And no snacks in the house.  Or in town.  Or in neighboring towns, etc, etc, etc.  I also wish I could find an on-line nutrition website for people who eat boring foods.  They try to make everything so fancy shmancy.  I want a meal to say two eggs, toast, yogurt and juice.  Not two egg white omelettes with spinach and mushrooms, whole wheat organic hard to find toast, twice cultured pro-biotic yogurt, and no sugar no pulp tiny glass of juice.  I need a normal person diet.  I think I'll try to start following straight up food pyramid rules.  Need to figure out serving sizes though.  I bought a cool old kitchen scale at a rummage sale this weekend.  Much sturdier than the plasticy things in stores today.  Want to start weighing my food.  That might help especially in the meat department.  I'm not giving anything up, just want to have it in the right proportions.  It's also hot here today.  Might go for a stroll later if it cools down or just watch Juno with the hubby.  Such a great flick.

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2 Responses to “Need nutritionist or magic pill, which ever is easiest.”

  1. Andie Says:

    Oh man do I know where you're at. I lost big two weeks ago and since then…the scale is hardly budging. It's so depressing. I'm way to new to this to be plateauing already. AND I agree about the food too! Why can't things just be simple?

  2. Ann Says:

    Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! You will be encouraged and motivated!! Everyone there is great at helping you loose the the weight you want to lose.

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