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Oh Speidi….. June 18, 2009

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"Al Roker attacked me"  Sob Sob Sniff Sniff.  So I would say Al could be called a bit blunt but really?  Maybe if you weren't lying, drama queens, people wouldn't have to try so hard to get the real story out of you.  I thought the interview was hilarious.  I give them 6 months to fizzle from the world and another year to get divorced. 

Lost another 1.8 this week so am down to 183.6.  All this good eating, I'm still amazed.  Though I did make brownies last night.  Can't deny yourself everything.  I love weighing myself though the day though.  Yesterday I gained 4 pounds and then lost a few over ….night.   hhhhmmmmm.

Looked a house today with my mom.  I know, not my husband.  She was excited and we could get in.  It's a mobile home on 14 acres.  Alot of work.  I don't think Gabe and I are ready for all that just yet.  We used the realtor that was suggested to us by the mortgage guy but don't think it'll work out.  I told him many times what the top of our budget was and then he showed us one of his listings on the way back into town that was 30,000 more than our top.  I HATE that.  If a person only wants to spend $10 on something, don't bring them another that costs $50.  so dumb.  So I emailed another guy we met a an open house.  Hopefully that will work out cause my list is now at 24 houses to see.

Found my a corgi finally.  And he was free.  His name is currently Chesney, but we may change that.  Have been trying out Harri ( pronounced like the arrgggg in pirate-eez) and he seems to respond well.  I'm secretly hoping mom with think he's annoying and we can  take him.  He's just so darn cute with his big ears and foxy looking face.  And he matches our cats and floor. 

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One Response to “Oh Speidi…..”

  1. Oh, how I hate Speidi. They are so disgusting.Yes, find a new Realtor. I was one for six years, those are the type you run from. Trust me. ;o)Way to go on your weightloss!

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