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The family reunion got me……….. June 24, 2009

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I'm up 0.8 pounds to 184.4.  But that's ok as I kind of expected that.  Totally worth it to see the fam and eat some yummy food.  I'm guessing the weight will come off pretty easy as it's been insanely hot here and I have not much for an appetite after about 10am.

I found my mom a corgi finally.  We decided on the name Rex because he has a big head and little arms.  He is totally a sweetie although he does try to snap at little kids. I am not surprised however because the little kids at his old family used to poke him in the eye cause they were curious.  Who lets their kids do that!!!  I'm glad we got him out of there and I'm sure once he figures out our little kids are nice (and will bring him treats) he'll be fine.  It was great having him around though, really makes me want to get a dog.

I'll post a few pictures of the reunion later, still need to hit the gym and clean out the car before work. 

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One Response to “The family reunion got me………..”

  1. You'll bounce back in no time!! Sounds like you had a great time, and congrats on finding (and rescuing) a dog for your mom!!

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