Waiting for Snowflakes

Weigh in Wednesday and a house is on the way……. July 8, 2009

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Wow!!  Down 1.8 pounds to 182 even.  I swear snacking made me fat.  And coffee.  If I drink coffee, I get rot gut so I eat crackers equals weight gain.  I made up some almond/walnut/raisin mix for when I feel I need something little to eat.  Lots of sugars in the raisins, but I think it's ok in small amounts.  Can't believe I'm almost in the 170's again.  Had to get rid of a dress skirt this week as I was swimming in it.  Good, but I really liked that skirt.  Thank goodness I already found a suitable replacement. 

I judged 4-H demonstration and food review last week and sewing construction and purchased this week.  It's so fun to be paid to chat with kids about food and crafts.  Love 4-H!!!  If you kids aren't in it , check it out.  It really isn't just for farm kids (like many people, my husband included) think. 

We also put in an offer on a house and it's accepted contingent on them putting in an offer on a house by Friday.  I sure hope we get it.  It's totally cute!  http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/Fergus-Falls_MN_56537_1109789878   I always put the cart before the horse and start planning decorating before we have even moved someplace.  I asked Gabe on Monday night, after we put in the offer, what color we should paint the bathroom.  I got shushed real quick!  :) 

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