Waiting for Snowflakes

Gwarrr July 15, 2009

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Well, up 1.4 to 183.  I believe the house stress and pms got to my snacking nerve.  Oh well, won't beat myself up. 

The house inspection was on Monday and we went back to the sellers yesterday.  Now we have to wait till tomorrow to see if they will do what we asked.  What an interesting process. You get all excited, put in the offer, then you wait, and have another hill to crest, then wait.  So annoying.  It will be so worth it though in the end.  Though it looks we might have a good crew to help move again.  I love our friends.  They are sooooo great!!!  Someone came to look at the rental today too.  I'm sure they were turned off by everything that needs to be fixed, but oh well.  The landlords excuse is " I don't have a ladder to get up to the gutters and fix them."  Um, you've known they needed fixing for at least 4 months.  Home depot is only up the road. 

Liz and Dave and Paisley were supposed to be on their way to Fargo today, but poor Liz had to go to ER because of an allergic reaction.  I hope everything will be fine cause I'm totally excited to see them! 

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