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The annoyances of life are out to get me July 20, 2009

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So my ring has a chip in it.  So super lame.  The insurance agent didn't put it on our policy when we transferred agents within the same company.  Good news, it will be insured since it was the agents fault.  To bad for her we are switching agents and she gets a ding on her record.  Oh well, people should do their jobs 100%. 

I have to go to my yearly appt today and the doctor is a man.  Not to thrilled about some random dude digging around down there.  I know, I know.  He's a professional and has seem it all, but still.  Very awkward. 

I need to get to the gym.  I haven't been in like 2 weeks and it's only 2 months till Mexico.  I may not be the hot mama I wanted to be for my hubby.  Sad day, but won't get down on myself.

I'm 29 and still have acne.  Why can't it just go away with the use of over the counter?  It's so annoying.  I'd rather be fat and have a perfect face than skinny with zits.  Arg. 

Being around Paisley made me want babies, though I'm glad Liz is totally honest with me that it might be super hard.  It's better than hearing, "Oh it's so wonderful and all rainbows and ponies."  No, there may be tears. 

Good news, got a super cute dress at the Gap this weekend.  Tried it on at full price and told myself I'd wait till it was on sale.  I usually wait for more than 50%, but this was a great dress for our trip. 

Good news, had fun hanging out with Liz, Dave and little Paisley Jane.  It's great how there are friends you don't see in 3 years, and it's like no time has passed. 

Good news, the house is coming together.  The dead tree is already gone and they are working on the rest.  We have filled out the paper work for the mortgage and we went Home Depot wandering yesterday.  Pretty sure any remodeling we do will be interesting.  My dream of a farm house sink my have to go out the window.  I have also been thinking of wallpaper on one small wall in the bedroom.  Hehe, we'll see.

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