Waiting for Snowflakes

The weather outside is frightful…….. December 10, 2009

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Ok not really but winter has finally hit MN.  I actually love it.  Spent half an hour shoveling last night and was only a little cold.  Sure wish someone was home to make me hot cocoa :( 

A lot has been happening since I last wrote.  (Need kids to force me to write, I can only talk about how cute the cats are so much)  Gabe and I purchased our first house in August.  It's totally cute and totally us!  It's soooo much better shoveling your own snow instead of the douchey landlords.  We went to Mexico in October for Elise and Rob's wedding and had a fab time.  Aside from the sea sickness and mexican revenge we experienced when we got home.  Thank goodness for dramamine and the fact that we were home.  Puppies must wait until summer, which is fine.  Since I am a classifieds addict, I see corgi puppies for sale everywhere.  And I though they would be hard to come by.  I am now full swing into my job and really liking it.  Still struggle with teaching adults, but I'll figure it out.  The elementary kids get SO excited to see me!  So nice to be loved.  Christmas is upon us and my shopping is done.  Just waiting for Gabe gifts to arrive in the mail.  Also back on the workout train, which I had fallen off of quite badly.  Will be starting with a trainer tomorrow cause apparently I can't do it on my own.  I must be better at this thing so I remember what was happening in our lives as I have no memory of my own.  Thank you Internet!!

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