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Running with the Sisterhood and starting new habits May 5, 2010

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I have done Sisterhood challenges before and it really does help a person stay motivated.  Contests to enter, people to be accountable to.  Helped me loose a few pounds last summer.  Which of course I gained back in my laziness.  Now Gabe and I are going the gym three days a week in the mornings.  Why not everyday you ask?  I don't know, ask my husband.  I have been doing the first week of Couch Potato to 5k for the last 3 weeks.  We haven't been going to the gym real steady and I'm afraid to go up just in case I fail. But now I feel ready to move on.  And keep it up.  Need to also encourage my hubby to go all days of the week.  Except sunday, that is my day of lazy.  Also still working on my diet.  Being a nutrition teacher, I feel so guilty eating a whole bag of milano cookies.  Need to either resist or portion out.  But increasing the veges sure has helped. Love to see the scale go down more and more.


I think I will also join in on the 21 day challenge.  Starting new habits or renewing old ones.  Good habits that is.  Here will be my goals.

1.  Take all my healthy pills each day.  Good bacteria, garlic and some other intestinal things.  Hot huh?

2.  Drink water!!!  Difficult since the water in my town tastes like dirt, but I can do it!

3.  Eat lots of veges!  Salads at lunch sure do help and I'm on pins and needles for farmers markets to get hopping.  I tell my participants to buy in season.  Well, asparagus is "in season" but is 4.49 a pound at some grocery stores.  I'm going to start telling them to buy on sale.  I all comes from Mexico anyways.

4. Eat yogurt or kefir every morning.  This one shouldn't be hard, as I love the stuff ( with honey of course.)

Starting challenges at 180.8



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One Response to “Running with the Sisterhood and starting new habits”

  1. Kim Says:

    Great goals!! the Sisterhood Definately helps keep us on track!! Keep it up!

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