Waiting for Snowflakes

Summer shrink May 26, 2010

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Ok so I'm really going into the latest Sisterhood challenge with a open mind and wide open schedule.  I don't work June, July and August.  Aside from my random fair judging events and staff meetings.  While this sounds ideal to those of you that work year round, you get bored real quick.  We do, however have a lot of house projects to do.  Adding a plant bed at the top of our sloped back yard, a flag pole in the front yard, and hopefully piles of painting.  That should keep me busy, but for how long?  Plus, I need to fund my projects.  Maybe I'll try a paper route. So with not much to do, I should be able to get to the gym everyday and eat healthy.  Which is always easier in the summer due to farmers markets and vege stands.  I envy those in the south.  Markets year round.  JEALOUS!! 


Im starting the summer and 184 and size 14 edging toward 12.  My goal is a size 10 and a smaller bust.  Why people get them made larger, I will never understand. 


My mom and I get to visit family this weekend in the cities.  Going to make a trip to the st paul farmers market, Ikea and any place else that strikes our fancy.  My mom is the only person I know thus far that can shop as much as I can.

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