Waiting for Snowflakes

Before the snow flies, I must feed the pigeons. September 4, 2010

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In San Diego that is, not the random bird in MN.  Gabe and I are headed to sunny San Diego next week for the nuptials of Mike and Rose.  I will have to miss our state NEA conference in Duluth for it, so it better be the best week ever!  Why, you ask, would I want to waste time in San Diego feeding flying rats?  A) I think pigeons are pretty but would eat one if given the chance B)  I went to SD with my parents at about age 10 and there are pictures of me feeding the pigeons at Horton Plaza.  At least that’s where Gabe thinks it may have been.  That is a must for my trip as well as visiting a tide pool.  We are also doing a kayak/snorkel tour to swim with Leopard Sharks.  I keep calling them Tiger Sharks, which we should NOT swim with as they would eat us.  Leopards, however, have a teeny tiny mouth and can’t hurt you. 

As I sit here eating my “smoked” tuna on triscuits with tomato and roasted red pepper soup, I wonder how to find the best places to eat in a city.  I’m not talking the chains that everyone knows about or ones that have been on the travel channel, but local holes-in-the-wall with the best food around.  Like The Viking or Stellas.  Ok, so Stellas isn’t a whole in the wall, but definitely fab anyway.  We are staying at a mom and pop type hotel, so hopefully they can point us in the right direction.  I am currently listening to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. In this book , she takes a year to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia. During the section about Italy, she took a trip to Sicily and when she got there, asked where the best food in town was.  She received an address to a resturant without a sign and told they lady to just make her the best food they had.  And it sounded fabulous.  Now I know America is no Italy, but there has to be fab places like that around.  My goal is to find one of those places. 

Please ignore my previous posts about the sisterhood challenge.  It didn’t happen.  Though we did hit the gym 3 days a week and I took  the Body Blast class.  So the summer wasn’t a total loss.


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