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Back to the grind September 23, 2010

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Our lovely Cali vaction is over.  We had such a blast and we should definitely go on more mini vacations so the fun is spread throughout the year.  I can’t think of anyone getting married next year, so we may have to plan a vacation that doesn’t involve an event.  How novel!  Our first day there included Gabe going out with the boys and me haning out with the girls.  The boys night got about 1000 times wilder.  There were cheerleaders involved in their night.  Tuesday was a fabulous day at the San Diego Zoo (Gabes hungover self did very well) and a night in the Gaslamp district with cousins Garret and Anne.  Wednesday involved a trip to Coronado Island.  We walked down the beach, looked around the hotel and wandered around town a bit.  We ate the BEST gelato at Nada Gelato.  I highly recomend it, though Gabe had a small fight with his.  Thursday was kayaking and snorkeling.  I was so bummed because I picked the wrong tour.  If you want to see leopard sharks, you have to do that specific tour.  They are not seen on the snorkel/kayak tour as the website said.  Lame.  We had fun anyways and were grateful for our wetsuits cause that water was COLD.  We grabbed some lunch at Baja Fresh, my new favorite, and went sailing with Mike and his fam.  It was alot of fun to see the boys working the sails.  And I had doped up on Dramamine so there was no sickness in sight.  That night we had a great time at the grooms supper and I ate the BEST peach cobbler ever invented.  I don’t know if it was the cobbler or the ice cream or a combo of both, but it was to die for.  Friday we headed up toward Newport Beach were the wedding was held.  On our way, we went to the Brigg Aquarium, which was a tad lame, so we headed back to San Diego and hit up the Midway, which was super cool.  I don’t know how they didn’t get lost in all those little hallways.  We checked into the hotel and then went to Medeival Times.  WOOT!  It was tons of fun!  Cheer for your knight, eat with your hands.  So great.  Saturday we went to a science museum, which was fun (we are such dorks) and then headed to Mike’s hotel to grab Gabe’s tux.  Now, in this area of the world, as a fancy hotel, you can have valet or you can park your own car.  In Newport, you get valet.  Which is dumb.  We are perfectly capable of parking our own car.  I can see how people from there get confused when there is no valet option, because that’s all they have.  Eventually everyone got to the boat for the wedding.  I dare say it was one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever attended.  The reception was fun too.  They have quite a wild group of friends so the dance floor was always hopping.  Sunday we made our way back down to San Diego for Fleetweek and a much needed lounge.  Fleetweek was pretty cool with a bunch of Marine displays and some Navy ships to tour.  During the national anthem, all of the Marines were at attention and saluting and the Navy people were just looking around.  Bunch of slobs.  After a stroll around Seaport village and a few souvenirs, it was back to the hotel for football and purse shopping for me.  My louie broke so I had to find a new travel purse.  Had luck, but I’m still sad my bag broke.   That night we had supper with Garret and Anne at a pizza place that was to die for.   Monday we went out to Cabrillo National Monument to go hiking around and for me to take too many pictures of rocks and waves.  What can I say, that is my kind of ocean scenery.  We got back to MSP late Monday night and left the next morning.  Gabe dropped me by Albertville to meet my ride for our work meeting and then he got to go home to snuggle kittehs.  Jealous. Now I’m back at work and reading curriculum for upcoming classes.  Oh well, life must go on.  Pictures to come.


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