Waiting for Snowflakes

80 in October and those drapes just hang there October 8, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — kristinakainz @ 3:30 pm

Really, really?!  It should not be this warm, in October, in Minnesota.  My sweaters are lounging around in their winter tote screaming for release.  Some of them have already made it out into the big, wide world, but the REALLY snuggley ones must stay put.  I think the cooler weather is coming next week though.  Better get all the stupid summer stuff out of the closet and into a tote.  One day I’ll have a closet large enough to hold all wardrobe seasons. 

I decided to add some shear curtains to the large window in our dining room.  Husband’s response……. they just hang there.  Yes, that is what drapes tend to do.  Now I have the task of adding some “oomph” to them.  If only my friend Liz lived nearby.  She is a decorating genius.  I may have to send her pictures.  She can decorate from afar.  So far the internet has left me hanging.  Dare I say it.  My internet searching skills have yielded nothing.  Must…search…harder.


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