Waiting for Snowflakes

Hello 2011! What else will you bring me, besides 800 inches of beautiful snow? January 4, 2011

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2010 ended with a blizzard here in the beautiful midwest and 2011 started with a blizzard.  Is that a metaphor for how this year will go?  Let’s hope not.  We got so much snow that my husband payed a passing tractor driver 20 bucks to finish the driveway and I was stuck back in Williston for a few extra days.  Wait, there was rain and ice too.  Ahhhh, I love our weather.  Also, my dear friend Kayla believes we got so much snow because of the this blog and my wish for the cold, white stuff.  I firmly believe is global warming.  🙂

Christmas was lovely.  My nieces and nephew get  so excited over their presents.  squealing and jumping around ensued.  I wish I could get that pumped over something.  We also got to spend some time with my husband’s family, which was really nice.  Everyone in driving distance was able to come.  Much different from last year when another blizzard kept everyone at home.  I had an extra week and a few days at home due to a mandatory furlough at work.  Nice right?  We need to pay for an unexpected pay period, so we are shutting down the university for 3 days.  I got to help my mom with her paper route.  Which isn’t such a bad way to start the day, but remind me never to get one, it’s much too early to up in the morning.  Helped with the chicken, rabbit and steer chores.  Also fun, but remind me to not live on a farm, to much darned work.  I could, however, have some chickens in my back yard.  Maybe I can make that happen for this next summer.  Now to talk my husband into it.


2 Responses to “Hello 2011! What else will you bring me, besides 800 inches of beautiful snow?”

  1. Kayla Says:

    There’s no such thing as global warming…your wish for snow was granted – I blame you! 🙂

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