Waiting for Snowflakes

Resolutions are too hard, let’s make mini goals. January 4, 2011

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Now I’m back at work, thinking about my professional and personal goals.  Apparently we have to turn in work goals to our county commissioners so they know we are doing useful things and that they shouldn’t fire us.  I like the idea of not getting fired.  I also need to make some personal goals.  Notice I don’t say resolutions in reference to my personal situation especially.  I always thought resolutions sound to grand to handle in small amounts.  So I have decided to make goals.  Small, attainable ones.  So here are the goals for January:

1) Plan our suppers.  I will have all seven days of the week planned plus two extra meals in case I get home and don’t feel like eating what I have planned.  I’m hoping this will make grocery shopping easier by having everything on hand and thawed and cut.  It should also help with goal number 2.

2)  Eat proper portions.  I’m not going to go all wild and weight things and count calories.  I’m just going to buy a smaller plate and eat 1/4 protein, 1/4 grain and 1/2 fruit/veges.  That SHOULD make it fairly easy to eat the right amount of food.   I’ll also need to work on my dessert portions.  Such as one cookie instead of a dozen.  Boo, that last bit sounds to be no fun at all.

3) Get to the gym 6 days a week like I used to, with my darling Kayla.  I can’t believe how fast a person loses their “inshapness”.  I know that’s not a word, but can’t think of a better one on the fly.  If I hope to do better at snowboarding this year, I need to be able to touch my toes.  Something I couldn’t even do at age 6.  Being bendable is just not my thing.

I think these little goals will be good enough for January.  If I accomplish them, I will add more in February.  If not, I may have to re-evaluate why not and go at it another way.  But soon my goals will be out in the world and not just in my head and then I will be held accountable.


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