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Running Part Deux and Other Ramblings April 1, 2011

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So I did day two.  Holy hard batman!  I definitely need to eat a little something when I run in the mornings.  I had ZERO energy. But I did it.  And it wasn’t so bad I suppose.  We woke up this morning to snow. Again. It should melt this weekend, but it’ll probably snow again.  Cause this is Minnesota and that is how the weather rolls in the great white north.

Now I have a rant.  America’s food.  Ugh, it is SOOO broken.  Sometimes I feel like all these people trying to change things are not going to get anywhere because the lobbyists and all the stupid lazy people of america will get in the way.  I certainly don’t eat perfectly but at least I know it. I’m conscious about what ingredients are in my food and am trying to buy items in which I can pronounce all of the ingredients.  And even if I can pronounce them, do they make sense in the food.  As my friend Kayla pointed out, some taco seasoning has sugar.  REALLY??? Good thing it’s easy to make a big batch and not have to buy it.  My job is to teach people how to put clean, healthy foods on the table and stay within a budget.  Though sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself.  And it’s not even “poor” people who are uninformed and don’t care.  Most of america assumes that if something says “healthy” on the package, well then it must be good.  That’s right, let’s not bother using our brains and think about our food.  If it has a health claim it probably isn’t healthy.  Fruits, veges, whole grains, meats and dairy products don’t need health claims, they are just good for us.  ( Ok Kayla, I know we can’t all have dairy, but if you can…….)  I am almost done listening to The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Most of it is very interesting, though I’m getting tired of his yammering about how guilty he is about killing a wild pig.  Really, would you rather it came from a CAFO?  But I never knew that the industrialization of food started more in the late 1800’s with the refinement of flour.  And then it changed again in the 30’s with the idea of adding nitrogen to the soil instead of diversifying crops and then in the 60’s with government subsidies.  Let me just say it will be very nice when the little farmers markets are open again and we don’t have to eat tasteless, mealy tomatoes from god knows where. 

On a lighter note, I had a good day at the thrift store.  The guest room is finally coming together.  One of these days I’ll get my crafting area straightened out and start on the duvet cover.


2 Responses to “Running Part Deux and Other Ramblings”

  1. Mandy Zabel Says:

    I totally agree, I love watching the Jamie Oliver show, I think its called Food Nation. Or something like that. I am also trying to eat and prepare meals that have actual food in them. I also find that its a lot more expensive to eat healthy and eat food that is fresh. I’m not even talking about organic food, I mean just plain old fruits and veggies, leave me po.

  2. they can be spendy, but there is definitely nothing wrong with frozen. might even be healthier cause they didn’t have to travel before ripe. they ripen and get frozen right away. I need to start using beans and legumes more cause meat is spendy too.

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