Waiting for Snowflakes

NoBloPoMo November 5, 2011

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According to BlogHer, it is National Blog Posting Month.  I think this is a nice kick in the pants.  I haven’t written anything in, well, a long time.  I think I’m a fairly good writer, but NoBloPoMo on BlogHer is giving a daily topic to blog about and tips on writing better.   Very needed for this girl.  I think my problem with this little blog is that I don’t have something specific to write about.  I don’t have kids, my cats sleep all the time, and I live in a boring town.  I could write about food, as my life revolves around it.  But like I said, my life revolves around it.  If I started food blogging, I’d want to dessert blog and let’s face it, my body is already angry about my sugar addiction.

The prompt of the day is:

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or computer?

Lordy be, if you have seen my handwriting, you will know that I like using a computer.  I’m not sure if there is a screw loose in the neat writing section of my brain or what the deal is.  Well, actually, it’s just the neat part of the brain.  My house doesn’t fair much better than my handwriting.  I could probably practice and fix it, just like I could practice the times and division tables I never learned.  But hey, I have a life.  Not a super fab one, but one which doesn’t involve learning things I should have learned in third grade.  Now I like to watch reality tv and knit.  Ragingly exciting, no?


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