Waiting for Snowflakes

Ok, so I haven’t blogged everyday. November 16, 2011

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I’m not perfect and some of these prompts have not really applied to me.  Today though, I like today’s.

Describe a favorite place, focusing on how it effects your senses.  (I had to think about that effect, which I’m now really hoping I got right ’cause wordpress doesn’t agree with me.)   I feel like I have so many places that I can really feel, especially from my childhood.  I spent countless hours in our haymow playing with the cats.  Yep, I’ve always been a crazy cat lady.  The smell of the straw, the crunch of it underfoot, the snuggly kitties.  It was my job growing up to hold the gate for dad when he fed hay.  When I was little I used to just sit in the snow while he was feeding.  I can remember how still it was, how I could hear myself breathing, the tractor and the cows shuffling around.  Also, if we were out late enough, the stars were always phenomenal.  I also have distinct memories of my second car my first year of college.  These memories are always prompted by that Everlast song What It’s Like.  The smell of cigarette smoke (yes I was naughty for a year), the taste of my whiskey Dew (thanks Joe for getting me hooked on that nastiness), the crinkle of my Columbia jacket and the cold winter air coming in through the window.

These are just a few.  I’m a very sensory person so it’s easy to remember places through my senses.  Hey, it’s how I shop!  I wonder through the sweaters with a hand and when something feels nice, I look at it.  Of course it’s usually out of my price range, but that is another story.


One Response to “Ok, so I haven’t blogged everyday.”

  1. I love that you are blogging more, it feels like I get to talk to you everyday. What a great memory sitting in the hayloft with your kittens. I would have died of sneezing attack because I am very allergic to both hay and cats, which you know:) Still a great memory to have. Miss You !!

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