Waiting for Snowflakes

Past Crushes November 18, 2011

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Today’s prompt encouraged a listing of all past crushes and then to pick one and describe in detail.  No thanks.  Those are my business and especially since I’m married now, what does it matter anymore.  Though I can describe my biggest, longest crush, my hubby.

I was totally hot for Gabe starting freshman year of high school.  He totally didn’t know I existed.  Well, ok, not totally true. We were friends, but I didn’t exist in THAT way.  I pined through high school.  Then I went to college and he shipped off to the Marines.  We talked on the phone and visited over holidays, but around age 21ish, I had kind of moved on and Gabe got on board.  The summer of 2004 after his stint in the military and me home for the summer, we decided we’d try dating.  Lo and behold, it worked!   Two years later we married and five years later he still floats my boat.  Well, him and his cute butt!


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