Waiting for Snowflakes

Yep, I’m super awesome at blogging everyday. November 27, 2011

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Or not, but many of the prompts have been really lame and I’ve been busy holding down the couch and working Black Friday.  However, the prompts for the 24th and 25th are good ones, or at least ones I care to answer.  Would you rather be alone or around others, and, do you buy gifts ahead of time or when you need them.

I kind of like to be alone.  I’m not super good at small talk and I like to do what I want. Let’s remember I’m selfish.   I really like to people watch when I’m in crowded places and it’s easier to do without someone asking, “What are you looking at?”  Prime example Barnes and Noble.  Look at me pretending to read some magazines for free, but every other page taking a glance around.  There are some places where it’s good to be around others.  The bar, the ghetto, or exercise class.  It’s also quite nice to travel with someone, though I certainly don’t mind driving across ND alone as I have full control of the listening arrangements.  I’ve often wondered if I would like to vacation alone.  So when you see a gigantic, cheap looking thrift store, you can stop.  But it would be hard to come back with pictures of yourself taken by other people (not with you) and explain to everyone why you didn’t take the vacation with your wonderful husband.  And he is wonderful by the by.

Now on to gift buying.  I generally like to pick up gifts as I find them.  I’ve had my  birthday and Christmas gifts for months now.  SOOO hard not to just give them to him.  But if I try to buy a gift when I need it, the pressure gets too great and I end up with something I don’t feel is quite personal enough.  I have a tote just for gifts and when I get something, I throw it in there.  Otherwise, it would be lost to the mess that is my life.  Thank goodness for totes.


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