Waiting for Snowflakes

Sugar Free January December 13, 2011

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I put 4 pairs of pants on my dresser this morning that don’t fit.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but it is now solidified.  I will be having Sugar Free January.  Next it will be Grain Free February.  I’m starting with sugar as I believe I have the most control issues with that.  I’m also use food to sooth.  Ugh, I know, hard to admit, but I often buy a “treat” when  I grocery shop or am running errands.  I’m not always hungry, but feel like I need it or deserve it.  Pretty sure this stems from my youth and mom and I getting treats at the grocery store.  Or whenever.  Not a good habit.  ( on a side note, WordPress is raining snowflakes across my screen.  Fitting for the name of my blog.  And the fact that we have no snow.)  Anyhoo……..I’ve also been doing a lot of research on the primal or paleo way of eating and how bad grains are for us.  Mark’s Daily Apple is a great website to read. The basis is cut out sugar, grains, processed crap, and eat meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and fats.  The exercise is lift heavy things, walk a lot and sprint sometimes.  Easy enough.  There is more involved, but you can read the book or website yourself.  It really makes it a struggle to go into my classrooms and teach them about whole grains, low-fat crap, and on and on.  Needless to say, I look for a new job daily.  Plus it would be nice to work year round and make more than I do.  But don’t we all want more money.  I’m going to try to limit both sugar and grains the rest of this month.  But hey, it’s Christmas time, and I like treats.  So there. 

On a bright note, my lovely friends the Zabels will be coming to visit on Friday.  And staying in Fergus.  No one stays in Fergus.  And we are eating at Stevelly’s.  YUMMO!!!


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