Waiting for Snowflakes

How I Begin It January 5, 2012

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My favorite new year activity is picking out a new calendar.  Of course I grab one in November at the Target dollar section and then find about 10 more I like better in the next two months.  I find it quite fun to start scheduling things for the new year, like a trip to the cities with the hubby and to GF for some Sioux hockey, hockey, hockey!!!!  And some baby Opal snuggles. She is the cutest little kumquat ever!  I don’t really have any superstitions about new beginnings.  I used to try and not let people know what any of my goals are for the year.  I feel though that you should share the really important ones so people can help you with them.  If I’m not eating sugar in January, I’m pretty sure Gabe won’t bring home any treats.  Or he will eat all the Reeses trees I bought so that I won’t be tempted. What a gentleman, eh?


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