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Yep, I’m totally going to blog everyday. January 10, 2012

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Or not, but it’s ok because there was a knitting retreat to attend and kitties to snuggle.  I do however really like the prompts thus far for NaBloPoMo.  The ones I have missed are as follows:

What is the hardest part about new beginnings? I would have to say the starting.  Especially if it is also something new.  New things are scary, no matter who you are.  No one wants to fail so sometimes it’s just easier not to start.


Do you wish the start of the year was in a different season?  If so, which one? Well, it would make more sense for the new year to start in spring, which is a beginning.  But this only holds true for the northern hemisphere, so I feel it can stay right where it is.


What is your earliest memory?  Laying in my crib, grabbing my feet and looking at my animal wallpaper. 


One Response to “Yep, I’m totally going to blog everyday.”

  1. I’ve committed to blog everyday this year too. Good luck with yours.

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