Waiting for Snowflakes

I Hit Someone With My Chuck-a-puck. January 15, 2012

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Could I be a bigger boob?  I got close to the glass and threw like a girl, right into some dude’s back.  I was horrified and lots of people saw it.  No more chuck-a-puck for me.

Now on to prompts.

Tell us about the beginning of your life:  I was a baby, pretty sure I don’t remember.

Who was your first friend:  Jason Hogan.  Our moms babysat us together.  When I saw him at my wedding before I went out, I got teary.  Here we were, all grown up, and one of us getting married.

Tell us about your earliest school memory:  I remember playing house in kindergarten and we were told to clean up and the girl I was playing with wouldn’t listen.  It was really annoying cause I was a total rule follower.


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