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Two years and lots of change April 16, 2014

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Wow, two years.  I guess there isn’t a whole lot to write about when its just you two.  Now it’s the three of us.  Ryker Stephen Kainz arrived at 5:37 am on Monday, April 7, 2014.   8 pounds 3 oz and 20.5 inches long.  Labor wasn’t terribly long, but I sure as shit didn’t do natural like I had planned.  BRING ON THE DRUGS!!  And I had a FANTASTIC epidural.  Like “should my arms be getting numb” kind of epidural.  They sat me up pretty quick after I mentioned that.  The picture about is his poop face.  He poops then makes a face that says “was that me”?  Yes it was and usually in a clean diaper.  It’s been 9 days and we are doing well so far.  I managed to go to the grocery store yesterday with Ryker and I made supper while he slept on dad.  It’s amazing how nice it felt to make supper, something that I sometimes find annoying.  We are currently working on nursing and figuring out why he might be fussy or just letting him fuss for a few minutes.  Hard on mom for sure, but when he only cries for like 10 minutes a day, that’s pretty good.  It’s hard to get anything done during the day as I just want to snuggle him all the time.  He loves a good snuggle!  Can’t wait to see how he’ll grow and what kind of person he will turn into.  



Eww that thing makes me jumpy………… June 19, 2012

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Mandy get that naughty thought out of  your head!    The prompt for yesterday was what animals make you jumpy or nervous.  Um, hello, snakes!  Isn’t that the most obvious answer?  I’m sorry, if you lack appendages, you shouldn’t be allowed to exist.  (Though, mosquitoes have appendages and they shouldn’t be allowed to exist)  I think if snakes had stumps, I might even like them more.  Animals that move fast also make me jumpy, for obvious reasons.  I must jump out of the way or it might scamper near me.  Mice especially.  Too many memories of cleaning things out of the barn and something darts out of the darkness and hurtles my direction.  Eeeek!  Then it was always fun to scream and run away just to freak out the person you were working with.  Oh our outrageous farm fun.


New people in my life June 8, 2012

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How do you feel about new people jumping into your life?  Honestly, I am a bit reserved when new people come into our group.  There is always that period of feeling the new person out.  What can I say around them (I can be offensive), do they have a sense of humor, the list goes on and on.  I sure hope those new people don’t think I’m a totally bizo for being a tad reserved, but you’ve got to check out the scene before letting your hair down. 


Look Before You Leap June 7, 2012

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Do we really need to look before we leap?  It is more exciting to just charge into things, but yes, I think we need to at least scan the waters before diving head first into the unknown.  The hubby has currently applied for new positions at power companies in ND.  How exciting to be heading back to our home state.  The first one he knew was coming, the second job, however, was learned about by a call from the hiring manager.  How awesome is my husband?!  Whenever I hear there might be a move on the horizon, I immediately hit up the real estate sites.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I look at real estate sites all the time.  I just like to be prepared.  You know, in case one day Gabe comes home and says, ” Screw this winter, we are moving to San Diego.”, I shall be prepared.  I would consider this scanning the water, looking before we leap.  I also look for jobs for me.  Of course I can’t apply for anything until we know what the outcome will be, but at least I know there are a TON more options for me if we get the heck out of Fergus.  Sadly, one of the possible cities to move to has no yarn shop.  What am I to do without my knitting ladies?  Surely I will cry when leaving them.  Both towns have Crossfit, which I’ve been DYING to try.  I’ll probably injure my out of shape self, but at least I can say I’ve done it.  Both cities would be great options for us, so there will have to be alot of “looking before we leap” with this decision.  And then there is the task of selling our house………..


JUMP June 1, 2012

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Blogher does writing prompts every month to encourage people to write.  I’m not going to officially sign up, but this month’s theme is Jump, and it sounds like it could be a good one.  The prompt for today is, What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word jump?  The first thing that comes to mind is someone jumping into a pool on a hot summer day.  I was never a pool rat growing.  We lived in the country, it wasn’t exactly convenient.  But had I lived in town, I would have been there every day.  When we would stay at a hotel, I’d get in the pool when it opened and pretty much didn’t leave till it closed.  I always think it’s great fun to jump in a pool and play around.  Even at 32, I love pools, especially ones with water slides.  Make me feel like a kid again.  Also makes me think a trip to Kenosee would be fun. 


On a different note, I’ve been watching the Weight of the Nation, which is a documentary put on by HBO.  It can be watched for free here .  Now I of course don’t agree with all of the conventional wisdom, but it was a pretty good show.  In the Challenges episode, there are many graphs that show when obesity started to rise.  The 1980’s.  Now think about what the diet craze was in the 1980’s.  That’s right, low fat.  Which basically translated to high sugar and high carb.  You can’t take the fat out of a cookie and still have it taste good.  There was also someone quoted as saying that the US doesn’t grow enough fruits and vegetables to meet current dietary standards.  Sad.  So even if everyone in the country wanted to buy local fruits and veges and ate all they were supposed to, they couldn’t.  I say subsidise those poor fruit and vege farmers!  I would recommend watching it. 


I Hit Someone With My Chuck-a-puck. January 15, 2012

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Could I be a bigger boob?  I got close to the glass and threw like a girl, right into some dude’s back.  I was horrified and lots of people saw it.  No more chuck-a-puck for me.

Now on to prompts.

Tell us about the beginning of your life:  I was a baby, pretty sure I don’t remember.

Who was your first friend:  Jason Hogan.  Our moms babysat us together.  When I saw him at my wedding before I went out, I got teary.  Here we were, all grown up, and one of us getting married.

Tell us about your earliest school memory:  I remember playing house in kindergarten and we were told to clean up and the girl I was playing with wouldn’t listen.  It was really annoying cause I was a total rule follower.


Yep, I’m totally going to blog everyday. January 10, 2012

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Or not, but it’s ok because there was a knitting retreat to attend and kitties to snuggle.  I do however really like the prompts thus far for NaBloPoMo.  The ones I have missed are as follows:

What is the hardest part about new beginnings? I would have to say the starting.  Especially if it is also something new.  New things are scary, no matter who you are.  No one wants to fail so sometimes it’s just easier not to start.


Do you wish the start of the year was in a different season?  If so, which one? Well, it would make more sense for the new year to start in spring, which is a beginning.  But this only holds true for the northern hemisphere, so I feel it can stay right where it is.


What is your earliest memory?  Laying in my crib, grabbing my feet and looking at my animal wallpaper.