Waiting for Snowflakes

Life Bucket List June 26, 2012

In no particular order

  1. Visit Washington DC
  2. See the Redwood forest
  3. Visit aztec or inca ruins
  4. Go on vacation by myself
  5. Plant a real garden
  6. Make homemade mayo
  7. Quit being addicted to sugar
  8. Try Crossfit
  9. Visit Penzeys
  10. Rent a home on a beach
  11. Visit Italy
  12. Visit the British Isles
  13. Go to the Olympics
  14. See an NHL game
  15. Scuba dive
  16. Get into a bikini again
  17. Make madelines
  18. Snowboard at a real mountain
  19. Run a 5k
  20. Run the MN MS Mudrun
  21. Travel Route 66
  22. Go to the longest rummage sale
  23. Visit all 50 states
  24. Keep chickens
  25. Make a traditional cassoulet
  26. Have a firepit patio
  27. Have a full on herb garden – no pots
  28. Own a nice piano
  29. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  30. Visit New York at Christmas
  31. Go on safari
  32. Do 10 real pushups in a row

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