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How I Begin It January 5, 2012

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My favorite new year activity is picking out a new calendar.  Of course I grab one in November at the Target dollar section and then find about 10 more I like better in the next two months.  I find it quite fun to start scheduling things for the new year, like a trip to the cities with the hubby and to GF for some Sioux hockey, hockey, hockey!!!!  And some baby Opal snuggles. She is the cutest little kumquat ever!  I don’t really have any superstitions about new beginnings.  I used to try and not let people know what any of my goals are for the year.  I feel though that you should share the really important ones so people can help you with them.  If I’m not eating sugar in January, I’m pretty sure Gabe won’t bring home any treats.  Or he will eat all the Reeses trees I bought so that I won’t be tempted. What a gentleman, eh?


The End of the Oven Fry January 3, 2012

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I am no longer going to make oven fries.  No matter what recipe I try, they take 30 minute longer and I need to broil them, flip them all, then broil them again.  Such a pain.  Pan fried from now on.  It’s no wonder the people I teach to cook don’t do it on their own.  I at least have the knowledge to know what to do if a recipe isn’t working out.  I guess one just needs to find just a few trusted cookbooks and a few websites and only use those.  Or just bake.  Because that always seems to work out OK.  I’m sure I could live on baked goods alone.  Made with maple syrup of course, cause I can’t have sugar.  😦


I Am A Lazy Lump January 2, 2012

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That would sum up most of my New Years Day.  I did my weekly menu planning and did the shopping.  It was a great day to be in the stores as they were empty.  We watched football and snuggled with cats the rest of the day.  Speaking of football, I won one of my fantasy league.  Booyah Bitches!!! I guess all my planning during the draft paid off. 


I am currently on day 2 of no added sugar and have a bit of a headache.  Not sure if it’s from inactivity or the sugar, but I had some dried apricots (instant help) and will go suck down some water.  I better call my mother and see how she is doing. 


I’m hoping to get some cleaning done today and check out the post Christmas sales at The Market.  They have some super cute ornaments and other decorations.  Though it’s hard to get anything done with a cat sprawled out on you. 



Really, a new year? At least we have snow.

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Though it was a brown Christmas, it was a ton of fun.  I carpooled home with an old friend and stayed for 3 days.  We went bowling, ate Muscovey Duck (YUM) and lamb, and had an adult night out.  Few drinks and some pool and laughs.  Gabe didn’t come with as he had to work, but I’m sure he was there in spirit. 


Today was day one of No Sugar January.  I’ve done well so far, but it was hard not to buy a little something while out grocery shopping.  The hard part of this will definitely be all those Reeses trees I brought home before christmas.  I just LOVE the peanut butter filling.  So evily good.  I’m not going to make any resolutions for the year, but just a few things I’d like to do.


  • Play Just Dance 3 a few times a week
  • Read more books.  I do alot of audio, but sometimes you just need the real thing
  • Try more recipes.  It’s easy to get into a rut.
  • Move more
  • Do some bodyweight exercies at home.  Pushups, squats, sit-ups, etc.
  • Go on some trips.  We don’t have kids. We should be traveling. Period
  • Clear out some clutter.  Hopefully I can wrangle Kayla into helping me before those adorable little twins come.
  • Be more ON at work. 
  • Eat my veges, in different ways.
  • Knit at home more.  I’ve heard the more you practice something, the easier it becomes.  We shall see.



Sugar Free January December 13, 2011

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I put 4 pairs of pants on my dresser this morning that don’t fit.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but it is now solidified.  I will be having Sugar Free January.  Next it will be Grain Free February.  I’m starting with sugar as I believe I have the most control issues with that.  I’m also use food to sooth.  Ugh, I know, hard to admit, but I often buy a “treat” when  I grocery shop or am running errands.  I’m not always hungry, but feel like I need it or deserve it.  Pretty sure this stems from my youth and mom and I getting treats at the grocery store.  Or whenever.  Not a good habit.  ( on a side note, WordPress is raining snowflakes across my screen.  Fitting for the name of my blog.  And the fact that we have no snow.)  Anyhoo……..I’ve also been doing a lot of research on the primal or paleo way of eating and how bad grains are for us.  Mark’s Daily Apple is a great website to read. The basis is cut out sugar, grains, processed crap, and eat meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and fats.  The exercise is lift heavy things, walk a lot and sprint sometimes.  Easy enough.  There is more involved, but you can read the book or website yourself.  It really makes it a struggle to go into my classrooms and teach them about whole grains, low-fat crap, and on and on.  Needless to say, I look for a new job daily.  Plus it would be nice to work year round and make more than I do.  But don’t we all want more money.  I’m going to try to limit both sugar and grains the rest of this month.  But hey, it’s Christmas time, and I like treats.  So there. 

On a bright note, my lovely friends the Zabels will be coming to visit on Friday.  And staying in Fergus.  No one stays in Fergus.  And we are eating at Stevelly’s.  YUMMO!!!


Last thing before bed…… November 30, 2011

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I play footsie with my husband.  Awwww, I know, cute right?


Yep, I’m super awesome at blogging everyday. November 27, 2011

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Or not, but many of the prompts have been really lame and I’ve been busy holding down the couch and working Black Friday.  However, the prompts for the 24th and 25th are good ones, or at least ones I care to answer.  Would you rather be alone or around others, and, do you buy gifts ahead of time or when you need them.

I kind of like to be alone.  I’m not super good at small talk and I like to do what I want. Let’s remember I’m selfish.   I really like to people watch when I’m in crowded places and it’s easier to do without someone asking, “What are you looking at?”  Prime example Barnes and Noble.  Look at me pretending to read some magazines for free, but every other page taking a glance around.  There are some places where it’s good to be around others.  The bar, the ghetto, or exercise class.  It’s also quite nice to travel with someone, though I certainly don’t mind driving across ND alone as I have full control of the listening arrangements.  I’ve often wondered if I would like to vacation alone.  So when you see a gigantic, cheap looking thrift store, you can stop.  But it would be hard to come back with pictures of yourself taken by other people (not with you) and explain to everyone why you didn’t take the vacation with your wonderful husband.  And he is wonderful by the by.

Now on to gift buying.  I generally like to pick up gifts as I find them.  I’ve had my  birthday and Christmas gifts for months now.  SOOO hard not to just give them to him.  But if I try to buy a gift when I need it, the pressure gets too great and I end up with something I don’t feel is quite personal enough.  I have a tote just for gifts and when I get something, I throw it in there.  Otherwise, it would be lost to the mess that is my life.  Thank goodness for totes.