Waiting for Snowflakes

Look Before You Leap June 7, 2012

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Do we really need to look before we leap?  It is more exciting to just charge into things, but yes, I think we need to at least scan the waters before diving head first into the unknown.  The hubby has currently applied for new positions at power companies in ND.  How exciting to be heading back to our home state.  The first one he knew was coming, the second job, however, was learned about by a call from the hiring manager.  How awesome is my husband?!  Whenever I hear there might be a move on the horizon, I immediately hit up the real estate sites.  Ok, that’s a lie.  I look at real estate sites all the time.  I just like to be prepared.  You know, in case one day Gabe comes home and says, ” Screw this winter, we are moving to San Diego.”, I shall be prepared.  I would consider this scanning the water, looking before we leap.  I also look for jobs for me.  Of course I can’t apply for anything until we know what the outcome will be, but at least I know there are a TON more options for me if we get the heck out of Fergus.  Sadly, one of the possible cities to move to has no yarn shop.  What am I to do without my knitting ladies?  Surely I will cry when leaving them.  Both towns have Crossfit, which I’ve been DYING to try.  I’ll probably injure my out of shape self, but at least I can say I’ve done it.  Both cities would be great options for us, so there will have to be alot of “looking before we leap” with this decision.  And then there is the task of selling our house………..


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